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3M Touch Screen Products

Capacitive Touch Screens
Capacitive solutions are the clear choice wherever performance demands are high. From kiosks to gaming applications, they're environmentally robust, and durable. Yet highly sensitive with superb optical clarity.

Electronics for Touch Screens
Whatever the requirements for capacitive touchscreens, 3M Touch Systems has the electronics solution to meet application needs. A wide variety of controllers and chips set products across many touch screen technologies is available.

Touch and Non-Touch Monitors
The MicroTouch monitor line from 3M Touch Systems offers a wide range of FPD, CRT, and Kiosk-specific touch monitors. MicroTouch monitors are designed specifically to meet the needs of system integrators and designers of kiosks, gaming and industrial enclosures. The M150 and M170 desktop touch monitors have been engineered from the ground-up to deliver maximum touch and viewing performance in a sleek, compact package. MicroTouch monitors are offered in a choice of reliable, easy-to-use touch technologies exclusively from 3M Touch Systems. Our new 3M Privacy non-touch LCD monitor provides users with a tool that helps protect confidential and sensitive on-screen data from unauthorized viewers.

3M Touch Screen Products

3M Technologies Products

3M computer filters reduce screen glare and enhance contrast. They can improve your productivity by helping prevent eyestrain and headaches associated with computer monitor use. Most 3M computer filters fit both LCD and CRT monitors and are guaranteed for life.

Here are the features available with 3M computer filters:

Anti-glare (standard on all 3M computer filters)
Reduces screen glare and enhances contrast. Can improve your productivity by helping prevent eyestrain and headaches related to computer monitor use.

Privacy Feature
Protects confidential information. 3M's blackout privacy technology makes on-screen data visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor. People on the side see a dark, blank screen. 3M offers privacy with no blurring or image distortion.

Blocks up to 99.9% of the electromagnetic ELF/VLF E-field radiation generated from computer monitors, when properly grounded.

Reduces static charge and dust buildup when properly grounded.

Flat Frame Design
Low-profile frame with either patented hinged hanger arms (for CRTs) that are independently adjustable to assure a proper fit, or top mounting snap-on arms (for LCDs). Both hanger arm styles come with most 3M Computer Filters.

Contour Frame Design
Wraparound frame prevents light from entering sides of screen area and permits use of lighter screen tints. No assembly required.

Frameless Computer Filters
3M Notebook/LCD Privacy and Protection Filters have an unobtrusive frame-free design that fits right into the bezel of either an LCD desktop monitor or a notebook computer. Two attachment systems come with each filter allowing users to choose the attachment method that's right for them.

3M Computer Filters

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